Lizbeth McGee Watercolors
Lizbeth McGee Watercolors

Still Life in Watercolor

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A still-life rendition of peaches in a picnic basket is just "peachy keen"..



A well-dressed table nook with lively tulips is ready to greet the morning light cascading through the window blinds.



The ultimate bucket wish...a beach, a chair, and someone to share it with.



At the turn of the 19th century, grand hotels with ornate Victorian architecture were where all the rich and famous vacationed. This is the Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, one of the grandest of them all.



A true Yankee fisherman always has a collection of buoys hanging on the side of his fishing shack. Can you smell the salt air?



What could be more enjoyable than to sit a spell in a sunny spot on a warm summer day?



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