Lizbeth McGee Watercolors
Lizbeth McGee Watercolors

Birds in Watercolor

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The Baltimore Oriole bats home runs in terms of color and as crowd pleasers at the bird feeders.



This little bird is a Snow Bunting. Don't you just want to warm him up in your hands?



This Swanson's Thrush, also known as the Olive-Backed Thrush, can migrate as far south as Bolivia. That's quite a road trip!



A red Cardinal, perched outside your window, is food for the soul and a delight to the eye on a snowy winter day.



One of the smallest of birds, the hummingbird is by far one of the most creatively-engineered powerhouses on the planet.



The Blue Jay is a stately bird whose blue color is the result of light interference as opposed to pigments.



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