Lizbeth McGee Watercolors
Lizbeth McGee Watercolors
Hope everyone is safe and well.
A new round of classes will start Sept th, with a new video every week till Oct 13th.
All the classes are yours forever, the youtube links will always be good. Tailored to fit your schedule. Zooming each week or by appointment. Lots of good feedback if you want to pick up brush again, there should be a series suited just for you!
Each video series is $200, pay by CC or paypal at lizbethct77 or by check. Mail check to Liz Mcgee, 77 Spicer Avenue, Groton, Ct 06340
NEW  - Video Series #4 "Autumn Light - Making Compliments Work"    Series Starts Tuesday September 15th 2020
Painting seasonally we will start with the glow of an "Indian Summer". The skies in September are some of the clearest and bluest skies, Phatho Blue skies. The crisper air and changing leaves makes for wonderful color compliments that always add vibrancy to paintings.  
All paintings will facilitate practicing brushwork, texture and glazing. 
I will add in tips on color mixing and theory especially painting with complementary colors, vibrant shades, mixing greens and mixing darks.   
Video series #1 "Loose Watercolor Techniques in Florals and Landscapes"
In this series of classes I demonstrate most of the techniques I use to "let the watercolor paint itself". Loose washes, "throwing" paint, glazing, spraying and negative painting are some of the many examples for achieving loose watercolors. This series  "Loose Watercolor Techniques" is ready to just send out electronically, all 6 videos. Included with be painting photos ideas and pictures of my paintings in stages of completion.
Video Series #2 "The Well Rendered Watercolor"
This series will be all about painting a very detailed, well rendered landscape with perspective. You will not have to draw it, but I will teach ways of transference to the paper. Ways to glaze to gain perspective, applying shadows and many other techniques to give depth to a painting will be covered.  
Video Series #3 " Sunsets, Silhouettes and Summer"
In this course we will tackle graduated washes for sky and water, some reflections and clouds. We will work on capturing some of the stronger, clearer colors of summer. Also we will work on the colors of an evening sunset and values to suggest the deeping shadows of evening.
Also brush work.....particularly for fine lines in trees, boats and silhouettes.
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